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Bookfactory software on Mac does not work
Update of the Bookfactory software to version 2.4

Please follow these steps for the update:

1. Open the Bookfactory software on your Mac
2. You receive a message that an update is available
3. Confirm the message.
4. The update will be installed automatically and the software will be restarted - done!

All saved photo books and photo products will of course be retained.

Note: If the update does not work from within the software, manually download version 2.4 of the software from and reinstall it. All photo books and photo projects will also be retained.

Customizing the System Settings

Due to the new security features on Mac OS X, the Bookfactory software needs access to the so-called "operating aids" so that you can continue to use all the functions of the software.

We will also show you how to access your images within the Apple "Photos App".

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open the "System Preferences" window.
  2. Click on the "Security" icon.
  3. Click on the menu item "Help".
    (activate the Bookfactory software there)
  4. Click on the menu item "Photos".
    (activate the Bookfactory software there)

Note: If the message appears repeatedly within the Bookfactory software, deactivate it in the system settings and activate the Bookfactory software again.

Important information for Bookfactory Mac-Users

At the end of September, Apple will introduce a new software testing procedure that will not only affect the upcoming Mac OS Catalina, but may also affect older OS versions.

In order for the Bookfactory software to continue to work on your Mac, please make these two adjustments immediately:

  1. Update of the Bookfactory software to version 2.4
  2. Adjusting the System Preferences

Read more in the following two sections.

Bookfactory Software
The software hangs at the start

In certain cases, the software may hang on program start or may only work very slowly. This may occur when using older, less powerful computers. In such cases, you should close all running programs if possible and rerun the software.

Tip: In order to run Bookfactory Software your computer should have at least 512 MB RAM.

Software update function

To keep your software up to date, you should regularly update it on the internet. In order to do this, you must have access to internet. As soon as you click on the button, Bookfactory Software connects to the Bookfactory server and searches for the most recent version. If an update is available, it will be downloaded onto your computer and the software will then be automatically updated.

Tip: Depending on the type of update process, you may have to close Bookfactory Software and restart the program. Therefore, you should always update at program start, and thus avoid interruptions later on while working.

Supported operating systems

To ensure that the Bookfactory ordering software works without any problems, we recommend using the following operating systems:

  • Apple OS X 10.10 or later
  • Windows 7 or later

If you have an older operating system installed on your PC or Mac, it may be worth upgrading to a newer one. An up-to-date operating system provides your device with state-of-the-art security and functionality.

Help with upgrading your Mac operating system can be found on the following Apple site:

Find out about the latest version of Windows:

Storing data files for future orders

We archive your data for eight weeks from receiving your order. During this time, you can easily re-order using your customer account.

Orders over 100 copies

If you order more than 100 copies, we can offer you a discount. Please ask our customer service for information about prices when ordering more than 100 copies.

Designer 2.0

Projects which have been created with Designer 2.0 or Design Center 6.5 can't be ordered anymore. If you have questions please contact our customer service

Ordering options

For security reasons, it is no longer possible to send us orders via CD as of the release of software update 2.0.1 in April 2016. You can transfer your photo projects online - a quick and secure way of placing your order. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service

Which design templates are available?

We will provide you with a large selection of design templates with various background motifs and stickers to help design our photographic products. From classically elegant to youthfully playful, there is something for everyone.

Number of pictures per photo book

There is no limit to the number of pictures you can use when creating your Bookfactory project. You can use as many pictures as you like, or have available. Bear in mind though that if you place various pictures on the same page, they may look too small. The photo book’s whole image will be spoiled if you use too many pictures.

What resolution should my pictures have?

An average good camera today has a resolution of between six and sixteen mega pixels. This value describes the number of picture points which a photograph is divided into. If you take a photo with a four mega pixel camera it will have 4,000,000 pixels. To print a photo that covers the whole of a page in a book, a three mega pixel camera is usually sufficient. A camera with a resolution of at least five pixels is advisable for photos that cover a double page. If the resolution of a photo is too low for a particular place holder we will indicate this with a red bar. Empty picture boxes will be accompanied by information on which resolution is recommended to achieve optimal print results. Scanned pictures should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi although 600 dpi is recommended for best results.

Customer complaints
Complaints and defects

If you are not satisfied with your order please get in contact with our service team. We will explain how to receive your replacement order as soon as possible. At no extra cost. Your complaint should be made within 10 days after the delivery. If you want to return the product to us, please send it by standard post to the following address: Bookfactory Customer Service Isenrietstrasse 21 CH-8617 Mönchaltorf Phone: +41 44 949 44 99 Workdays 08.30 to 12.00 and 14.00 to 17.00 Contact form Please pay the postal charges before returning your order. We cannot accept packages with postage payable. Naturally, we will reimburse your postal charges. Attach the corresponding receipt to your order when you return it. If you choose to return your product by faster delivery methods ( post) however, we will only be able to reimburse the cost of delivery by standard post. Procedure for postal damage: If your photo product has been damaged during transport (damaged packaging), please report this so-called transport damage within 8 workdays to the Swiss post office. Report transport damage.

Delivery times
Order preparation and delivery Delays in delivery

Occasionally, while preparing your order, damage occurs. Even tiny defects such as scratches, fine cracks or a crease in the paper can mean that we have to restart the whole production process. Our high standards of quality at the Bookfactory mean we would never deliver a defective article. You would expect no less from us. We understand that if the order has been delayed, for whatever the reason, this may be frustrating for you. Please be patient.

Delivery deadline

Find out about the current production and delivery deadlines by visiting our website before making your order. In the Bookfactory Software order wizard you may also select the option «express delivery». Please note however that this option only refers to delivery times and not to production times.

Online editor
I have questions about the Online Editor

We will quickly set up this area. If you have a current question, please contact our customer service on +41 44 949 44 99.

How can I redeem a voucher?

If you have been given a Bookfactory voucher, you can enter the voucher code in the shopping cart. Vouchers and discounts cannot be combined and are valid until the specified date.

Split invoice

If you as the customer also wish to specify multiple invoice recipients (split invoice), please contact our customer service team at before you place your order. A surcharge of CHF 10.00 will be added to your invoice for each separate billing address.

How can I pay?

You can pay for all our products by invoice, paypal or credit card.

I have questions about PDF-to-Book

Please use the FAQ of PDF-to-Book

Print and Paper
What paper should I use for my photobook?

Different people generally have different perceptions of the same type of paper. It is therefore difficult to explain what makes each type unique. These are the key features: Magno Satin: smooth surface, semi-gloss X-Per: semi-smooth surface, matt E-Photo Lustre: surface similar to photo paper, slightly glossy Photo paper: glossy or matt Munken Kristall Smooth: smooth surface, brilliant white Munken Polar Smooth: smooth surface, bright white Order a free paper or fabric sample set to try out the various types: Order your sample set.

What are the printing methods used at the Bookfactory?

Your photo book is printed using the digital printing method. This means that costs can be kept down even if only one print copy is ordered. Electro-photographic digital printing processes that are based on liquid colours yield better print results. When compared to conventional toner-based printing processes, images with higher contrast and saturation are obtained and the colours of your photos will be more brilliant. Secondary or tertiary colours are also more stable when liquid colours are used as opposed to toners.

How to safely download

Downloading Bookfactory Software is as safe as possible. During the installation process no hidden programs will be installed. Of course you can remove the software from your computer at any time.


No computer system in the world is free from the risk of system crash or hard disk problems. Therefore, you should regularly back up your files. This applies to all the files on your hard disk, not just your photo book project files! Tip: Just copy your Bookfactory project file onto a so-called backup device or burn the data onto a writeable CD or DVD. Whichever backup system you decide to use, the backup device must of course be connected to your computer and properly set up.

Prices and delivery charges

For your convenience, the current prices for each product are listed under the corresponding product category. Information on delivery charges is updated constantly on our webpage. Formats & prices Tip: Please keep your software up to date by using the free update function in Bookfactory Software every time you start up. Then you will also be kept informed about our conditions.

Special delivery and mailing lists

Both our offerings and our delivery costs apply to purchase orders with a single mailing address per order. Please note that individual mailing lists/order splits that the customer has nor processed through the automatic ordering method process (from the second address onwards) incur the following charges. Split delivery (Products delivered to multiple recipient addresses): For every additional mailing address (supplied via Word or Excel lists), the delivery costs of the respective product category (e.g. a booklet CHF 4.90 or a photobook CHF 6.90) will be charged to you. Furthermore, a flat-rate handling fee of CHF 50.00 is payable for every special delivery order (maximum 20 addresses). If there are more than 20 individual addresses, the flat-rate shipping fee will be calculated based on a separate quotation. For example: An order of ten booklets to be sent to six different addresses Delivery and shipping costs: 6 x CHF 4.90 = CHF 29.40 Handling fee = CHF 50.00 Total cost of special delivery = CHF 79.40 excluding VAT. (This amount will be invoiced to the customer in addition to the product costs) Split invoice (Invoices sent to multiple recipient addresses): If you as the customer also wish to specify multiple invoice recipients (split invoice), please contact our customer service team at before you place your order. A surcharge of CHF 10.00 will be added to your invoice for each separate billing address. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at

What are the delivery costs for orders from outside Switzerland?

Orders we only deliver to adresses in Switzerland and Liechtenstein