Print and Paper

What paper should I use for my photobook?

Different people generally have different perceptions of the same type of paper. It is therefore difficult to explain what makes each type unique. These are the key features: Magno Satin: smooth surface, semi-gloss X-Per: semi-smooth surface, matt E-Photo Lustre: surface similar to photo paper, slightly glossy Photo paper: glossy or matt Munken Kristall Smooth: smooth surface, brilliant white Munken Polar Smooth: smooth surface, bright white Order a free paper or fabric sample set to try out the various types: Order your sample set.

What are the printing methods used at the Bookfactory?

Your photo book is printed using the digital printing method. This means that costs can be kept down even if only one print copy is ordered. Electro-photographic digital printing processes that are based on liquid colours yield better print results. When compared to conventional toner-based printing processes, images with higher contrast and saturation are obtained and the colours of your photos will be more brilliant. Secondary or tertiary colours are also more stable when liquid colours are used as opposed to toners.