Photo poster

Making a professional poster from your own photos is a pretty cool idea. Why not take it to the next level with a Bookfactory shaped poster? From hearts to hexagons, trees to teacups and boats to butterflies, choose the shape you want from our large selection and creater a perfectly formed poster from your favourite photo.

All posters are now available in more than 130 shapes. Simply choose your desired format in the software and select your shape under "Crop shape". overview 130 shapes

Examples of use:

Your own home, as a gift, as advertising, as an information poster, etc.

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Examples from our inspiration gallery.

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Product features

premium photo paper
printed on premium photo paper


Your photo project in three easy steps

1. Download the software

Download the free ordering software and install it on your computer.

2. Create your photo project

Choose the perfect layout for your photo project and add photos and text.

3. Order your photo project

Upload the order file directly via the Internet or send it to us on a storage medium. You will then receive your photo product in the post soon afterwards.

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