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Project: Forest reserve in the Jura Mountains

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More forest that can develop undisturbed means less CO2 in the air and more biodiversity. For example, 174 hectares of forest reserve in the district of Délémont in the canton of Jura have been abandoned for 99 years. This waiver will be compensated by the federal and cantonal authorities to the affected communities of Bourgeoisie Soulce and Undervelier to the tune of 70%; the remaining 30% will come from CO2 certificates issued by the myclimate Foundation, which we support.

And you too can help!

How you can support the project

Optionally let Bookfactory produce your order climate neutrally. This means that the CO2 content of your order is converted into a small amount of money and added to the order total. The CO2 compensation goes directly to myclimate and the climate protection project in the Jura. You can activate this option at the end of your order in the shopping cart. Many thanks for your support!

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